Press message ANINA

Thursday 26 October 2006, in the International Press Centre Franders, the online art project Antwerp Internet Art (Anina) made its debute. Anina is a virtual art gallery and brings every two months an online exibition. The website features different kinds of internet art. Initiator of the project is the Antwerp artist and photographer Laure-Anne Jacobs.

The first artist that participated in the project, was Antwerp based Kris Van Echelpoel (44), who designed a special series of computer graphics for the Anina website. Second artist was Geert Wachtelaer (Aalst) with a video-project. This season also will future an audioproject of Arnoudt Jacobs (Brussels) and a series of photography in cooperation with a number of press photographers.

During the months of July and Austus, there will be a special summer edition of Anina. During these months, Anina will offer space for experimenting to young artists of art students.

Anina is Antwerp based, but has the ambition to feature local, national and international artists. At this moment, the website has contacts with artists in Antwerpen, Brussels and the Netherlands.

Not unlike as the traditional exhibition, Anina holds also each time a vernissage on a physical location. The first two events took place in the Antwerp Press House at the Grote Markt of Antwerp. In the future, locations can be deversified, possibly adapted to the content of the exhibition.

Anina is also building an archive, where the previous exhibitions are being stored and are available for the visitor. This way, Anina wants to create an extensive collection of internet art. The works remain the exclusive property of the artist.