Katie Lagast shows Candybirds

The online art platform presents work from the Antwerp artist Katie Lagast (40). It is the first time that the artist has set up an online artproject. Before she was especially active on spatial area, with among others installations, drawings and objects. The vernissage of the exhibition took place at the International Press Centre Flandres in Antwerp.

Katie Lagast studied graphics at the Sint-Maria Institute in Antwerp and ceramics at the Sint-Lucas institute in Ghent. As an artist, Katie Lagast took part in several exhibitions such as Error One in Antwerp, Jan Colle in Ghent and the passage from Sint Lucas and she also took part on the K_Filmfestival in Antwerp. Next to her artistic career, she is also teacher at the Art Academy of Arendonk.

In collaboration with the online artplatform Katie Lagast makes now her appearance as an internetartist. In this project, she brings among others ‘Candybirds’, a series about direct cinema, where old film material, mixed with negatives from screen print and packaging foil, forms the basics. This all was put together to a new whole, without making a definite story, making it possible for the visitor to fill it in by himself.

Also the artist brings four videoanimations concerning the city. Two of the four copies were shown in one of the Silvertopblocks in Antwerp. In this video the artist starts from street maps and typical city sounds. But also in this project the visitor must participate in the imagery and fill it further in by himself.

The exhibition is shown on There it is also possible to see previous projects from the artplatform.



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Anina present Oscarette

sclessoeurs1x.jpg The online art project presents the videoproject ‘Oscarette’ during the months of september and october. It shows the work of four Flemish artists who presents different styles of videos. Participants are Sophie Vanhomwegen, Sara Claes, Nel Aerts and Laure-Anne Jacobs. Oscarette is a forerunner of a larger online video festival in a virtual world that Anina has planned for next year’s spring. As usal, the vernissage of the exhibition took place in the International Press Centre Flandres in Antwerp.

Sophie Vanhomwegen considers video as the medium in which she can express her creativity the best and where she can experiment with pictures and movements, with their colour and composition. Her videowork forms no aim in itself, but has a small hidden motive. She wants to stimulate specific emotions and ideas at peoples. Sophie Vanhomwegen does not want to propose her opinion or personal knowledge to the viewer, but offers him the freedom to make his own discoveries.

svhsheandher1x.jpg Sophie Vanhomwegen studied on the Academy of Ghent and took part in exhibitions such as Kunstbende in Koksijde (2006), Transcript in Koksijde (2006), Xpo KANT in Ghent (2006), Quartier Excentrique in Ghent (2007), Making Movies in Antwerp (2007), Kunstbende in Ghent (2007) en Bastart in Houthalen-Helchteren (2007). During Oscarette she brings the video films ‘La Lumi√®re’, ‘She and Her’ and ‘Ma Vision sur L’Art’.

The Belgian photographer Sara Claes presents in association with Liesbeth Marit and Ine Claes a film which was made as a recording of a performance. The performance forms a search in contact, feelings, sense, love and missing. The artist favours the online art direction because the internet brings people together and in the same time creates a more distant manner of communication and viewing at each other. In a certain way, the performance acts is about the forced gathering of people.

nelaerts1x.jpgIn 2003 Sara Claes successful finished her studies at the Hoge School Sint-Lukas in Brussel. In 2005 en 2006 she did a post-gradual course at the Hoger Instituut voor Schone Kunsten in Antwerp. In 2006 and 2007 she got a grant from the Flemish Community to support her works. Sara Claes participated in different exhibitions in Antwerp, Malines, Dendermonde, Sint-Truiden, Amsterdam and Herford. With Oscarette Sara Claes presents the video ‘Les Soeurs’.

Nel Aerts is participating in Oscarette with video-art that in a documentary stuly is zooming in at a fiction like phenomenon. Limited, symmetric cubical forms in a monumental non-space are inhabited by indefinable creatures. It creates a mutual exchange between composition and symmetric en leads to a typical human disorientated feeling. With her camera, Nel Aerts investigates this strange event, asking the question if it is possible to build a livable composition in such an anonymous living accommodation.

lajrainwater1x.jpg Nel Aerts studies at the Academie of the Hoge School Ghent, where she is finishing her education bachelor new media. She already participated in different exhibitions and some works of the young artist can be found on the internet. On Oscarette, she is showing the video ‘Composition of Inhabitants’. The music for the video is composed bij Simon Halsberghe.

Laure-Anne Jacobs, artist and creator of the project, is showing the video’s ‘Rainwater’, ‘Disconnection’ and ‘Momento’. The video’s are showing details of everyday life and build with these little elements short videostories. wants to create an interaction between artists from different disciplines, but also an interaction between the art and the public.



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