Anina outlines daily live

On Friday May 4th at 8 p.m., the Antwerp International Press Centre Flanders shows the virtual exhibition ‘Life Cycle’ by the artists Laure-Anne Jacobs (imaging) and Missfit (sound design). ‘Life Cycle’ is the fourth edition of a virtual exhibition series of the online art project The new exhibition presents the life cycle of people in digital imaging and sounds.

The exhibition ‘Life Cycle’ contains two parts. The first part – In The City – shows the visitor the confrontation between the daily live in the city with contemporary or recent world events. All these images are digitally mastered. The second part – Flash Greetings – shows the life cycle of the human being with ten portraits, also digitally mastered.

The models who are showed in Flash Greetings get also the possibility to spread their portraits as virtual greeting-cards into their online communities and the internet. Flash Greetings has an obvious interactive undertone, with online visitors getting the opportunity to pick up images from a moving screen, puzzling together a portrait and explore the virtual installation, following his own route. As a result, the exhibition becomes a personal experience for each visitor. is an initiative of Laure-Anne Jacobs. For the first time, she shows her own work on the virtual platform. wants to create an interaction between artists from different disciplines, but also an interaction between the art and the public. For this edition, Laure-Anne Jacobs created a cooperation with sound artist Missfit (pseudonym for Aernoudt Jacobs), who created sound-effects for the images.

Missfit works with sounds from the world. For this exhibition, the artist choose for sounds from the surroundings of the daily world. Other examples from his work can be found on the website Anina (Antwerp Internet Art) started as a ditigtal platform to offer artists a virtual Antwerp gallery and does not have the intention to focus only on local work.

The exhibition ‘Life Cycle’ starts with an introduction by Koen Betsens from the concept bureau OneDotOnly. He will comment some recent and future developments in the field of the interactivity of the internet and digital technology. From May, 4 th, the exhibition ‘Life Cycle’ is shown on the website, where one also can discover the previous projects.

Part I: In the City

Part II: Flash Greetings