Mediacafé Managing

On Friday January 11th at 8 p.m. the online newsmagazine and the art platform open the virtual Mediacafé Managing21. This happens with the collaboration of the virtual community Taatu. The official opening of the mediacafe will be held in the Internatinal Press centre Flandres (IPV) on the Grote Markt 40 in Antwerp. From then of, the mediacafe will be daily accessible for newsheadlines and online artprojects.

The online art platform is about one year active and has during this periode presented a large pallet of online artexpressions. The archive of this events can be consulted on the website The online newsmagazine exist about three year and brings daily a selection news from the socio-economic environment. At present, the magazine has about 15.000 readers a day.

In collaboration with the virtual community Taatu ( and
( decided to start a joint-venture and to open together the Mediacafé This initiative wants to present daily newsheadlines from the magazine and spends attention at the artprojects from In the long run, also videoreportages will rugular be added and guests will invited to change ideas about some specific items.

Taatu ( develops and manages since 2005 a unique multimedia virtual community-concept. This concept is based on 3 D isometric technology, that integrates the functionalities from Web 2.0. The platform is free accessible via all internet explorer-programs. Downloads are not need. The virtual environment is protected, specialy for young users. The members can personalise and arrange their avatars by purchasing TAT’s, the internal currency from Taatu.

Taatu offer its members the possibility to create a new online social live, based on an interactive community. Taatu is also open for partnership and advertising. A nearly endless series of promo-products is available. The world from Taatu is divided in mutual corresponding, French-speaking, Ditch-speaking and English speaking language communities.

On the opening the Taatu-project wil commented by Jean-Philippe Dumont, director production & project management from the virtual community. Also there is an action planned from Flemish songwriter-saxplayer Walter Baeken, member from the Scora quartet and The Rythm Junks, the group formed around harmonica-virtuoso Steven De Bruyn. Walter Baeken composed ‘Avatar’, a work that will presented on the opening event. Afterwhile, the public gets the opportunity to explore the virtual world and the Mediacafé Managing21, where one can meet its notorious barshrink.

After the opening, the Mediacafé Managing21 can be accessible on the website