Constantine Ferreo presents a virtual internetparcours on Anina

The Greek-Canadian artist Constantine Ferreo (57), already for many years living in Antwerp, has in association with the online art platform Anina, set up a virtual internetparcours with animations. The animations are mostly inspired by poetry, politics and Europe, items that during is long-time career constantly are reappearing. The virtual internetparcours will be presented on October 15th, at 8 p.m. in the new ‘Theater aan de Stroom’ (TAS) at the Ijzerenwaag 6 in Antwerp.


Already as a teenager, Constantine Ferreo left Greece, disgusted and terrorised by the notorious and repressive colonel’s regime. This was the start of a journey that would bring him through many Europeon countries and led him eventually to Canada, where he graduated at the Ontario College of Art. At that moment he already started his artistic career, with exibitions in the Canadian gallery-circuit. Most of his work had a background of and was inspired by the mental scars that had been left by het impact of the Greek dictatorship.

Twenty years ago, Constantine Ferreo decided to move from Canada for Antwerp, one of the European cities that had left a big impression on the artist. Also in Antwerp and other Belgian cities, the Greek-Canadian became a well known member of the art scene, with a vast series of exhibitions. In Antwerp, he took part in projects such as ‘Stad aan de Stroom’, the ‘Zomer van de Fotografie’ and the ‘Steenfestival’. Constantine Ferreo was also one of the first that began experimenting with digital forms of art, because he’s not someone who let put boundaries to him by one medium. In line with this open approach of art, he started also a collaboration with the online art platform Anina.

In this collaboration, Constantine Ferreo brings a virtual internetparcours with six animations. Again, he uses some of his favorite items and inspiration sources, such as politics, poetry and the European idea. Doing this, the artist stresses also in his virtual art that the content and the message is the key element of his work. Constantine Ferreo considers this project also as a art-in-proces, with adding and replacing content. He even doesn’t exclude that he will create with this online content a cross-over to the domain of the offline art.

After the opening in the ‘Theater aan de Stroom’, the virtual internetparcours can be seen on the website In the archive, one can also visit the former projects of

Virtual Internetparcours